The new album «against the light» is now released!

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The year is 2022. The world is teetering on the brink of collapse, and society is doing its best not to fall to pieces. Mostly protected by a mask – because the truth hurts. Even the most brutal punches to the face seem powerless to slow the downward spiral. Within this maelstrom, WAKE remain unwavering, upstanding, and true to their values.

After the digital revolution, 9/11, hyped DJs, pathetic trends, political puppets, and the ongoing pandemic, WAKE are presenting their fifth recording: «against the Light»; a blessing in these dismal times. Such momentary salvation is more important than ever, and WAKE has, after all, spent almost 30 years defending the kind of unity that appears in many places to be disappearing into thin air.

Together, its members ensured that alternative rock was listened to on the national rock scene in the noughties, survived classic band turbulence following recordings in Los Angeles, toured intensively through Switzerland accompanied by rave reviews, and once again extended a collective hand to the rock ‘n’ roll devil. Their friendship was never seriously tested by the drama of loss, the joy of founded families, or the departure of their singer – a novelty, given the prevailing zeitgeist.

After their last album, «Harbor of Waste» (2018), WAKE decided to continue their journey as a quartet. This broke boundaries and created new opportunities that the band skillfully exploited. Their new, uncompromising new album, «against the light» (release May 6, 2022), is now ready. First and foremost, it is punchy and gnarly, wild and dark. Its music and lyrics present a humble counterpoint to all that is threatened with extinction: true craftsmanship, dedication and true passion. You can refuse to accept the light, allow yourself to be dazzled, or face it in good faith. The choice is everyone’s to take for themselves. But one thing is certain: Whichever way you look at it, it has a decisive, trailblazing strength.




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